Does your Child Display any of These Symptoms?

• Moodiness

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Memory problems

• Worry/fear

• OCD obsessive compulsive disorder

• Brain fog

• Ruminating thoughts

• ADD, ADHD and other focus issues

• Poor Reading Comprehension

Some issues are truly neurological, but many are the result of a microbiome imbalance (good vs bad gut bacteria). 90 – 95% of the “feel good” neurotransmitter Serotonin is produced in the small intestine.

Microbiome imbalance can trigger inflammation sending faulty signals to the brain via the nervous system. This intricate communication system is called the Gut – Brain Connection. Heavy metals and other toxins are often involved in disrupting this communication.

Before you give your child psychotropic drugs to manage behavioral issues, know for sure the root cause of the issue. The answer may be easier than you expect. It could be a brain issue or it could be a gut issue.

Proper treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. Only a holistic health care practitioner trained to test the autonomic nervous system can give you an accurate assessment. Anything else is treating by observation and symptoms alone. If the root cause is physical, short term treatment with homeopathic remedies is significantly less expensive with no known side effects than pharmaceuticals. If the behavior stems from a functional neurological block in the brain, Brain Integration is the natural solution for correction, allowing the child’s own brain to restructure itself and overcome attention and
learning issues without drugs.