Article Submission Tips

The North Idaho Family Magazine receives dozens of article & editorial submissions for each issue.

Here are a few tips for getting your submission published:

  1. North Idaho Family Group MEMBERS receive priority for publication. Your $100 annual investment guarantees publication in at least one, and up to three issues. Visit for other benefits of membership and to support the North Idaho Family Group with your annual membership.
  2. Try to limit your article to 250 words. This is hard sometimes! Bullet points of your services, offerings, etc. and/or “bite-sized” chunks of text are optimal. We will link to your website for more information.
  3. Write your article in the “3rd Person / News Style” vs. “1st person (we/our) advertorial style.” The article/editorial you submit will always include your organization’s contact information at the end.
    More Info:
  4. Ask for help! We are happy to help you with your submission. You can provide an outline, or ask our advice on topics, etc.

Email [email protected] with your submissions or questions.