In today’s world, our graduates are expected to know how to use a variety of different technologies.  Students in a project-based learning environment learn how to effectively create presentations, write research papers and marketing material, communicate with people around the world and utilize the newest technology styles.  Students will use this knowledge and practice throughout their lives.

Increased Engagement

Many students find it difficult to pay attention in the traditional classroom.  Students doodle on worksheets, send snap chats under their desk or simple daydream about something more exciting.  With project-based learning, students are actively involved in the entire process.  They are able to pursue their own thoughts and deepen their research according to their needs, goals and desires.  This style of learning is of incredible benefit to many students, especially those who have trouble learning in a more traditional classroom.

Students are not the only ones who benefit from engagement in this learning style.  Learning coaches get this advantage too.  There are tremendous benefits to leading a group of students that are engaged in projects. Learning coaches get to alleviate their boredom along with their students.  Instead of teaching the same things year after year, learning coaches are able to learn along side their students and get the challenge of effectively tailoring student projects to meet state standards and the individual needs of their students.

If you are looking for a learning environment for your student that reflects the real world, teaches effective communication, encourages self refection, and promotes technology use and technology responsibility, then a project-based middle school might just be the answer.  This style of learning is more engaging, more effective and better at addressing the particular needs of each student, particularly those who are willing to give the effort it deserves.