The Fall 2017 issue of the North Idaho Family Magazine kicked off a series on “Adulting.” This issue features “10 Tips & Tricks” compiled by guest columnist and “adulting specialist,” Ariel Mesenbrink.

  1. Heritage Health has a sliding scale based on your income. You may only end up paying $20 or so for a full checkup. Heritage Health has multiple North Idaho locations, as well as a Mobile Clinic. (Finally get that weird rash looked at!)
  2. FamilyWize provides free prescription discount cards, helping everyone get access to the medicine they need
  3. STCU offers free classes on organizing your finances and figuring out credit scores at least twice a month in multiple North Idaho Locations.
  4. No time to figure out how to do taxes? No problem! Tax-aide does free tax preparation for you at the Silverlake Mall.
  5. Ready! For Kindergarten in Post falls, Lakeland, and Coeur d’Alene school districts offers free parent workshops on how to make sure your 2-5yo is meeting all the benchmarks they need before they toddle off to school. Lots of free educational toys if you go
  6. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores offer 50% everything on Wednesdays.
  7. Legal Link services are available Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm-3pm from St. Vincent de Paul (H.E.L.P. Center) for free. Know your rights!
  8. The Kroc Center will let you apply for scholarships so you can stay in tip-top shape this new year.
  9. is an excellent glossary of financial terms.
  10. Find healthy & easy-to-make meals at It even helps filter ingredients if you are on food stamps.

Ariel Mesenbrink is the AmeriCorps VISTA Leader at the United Way of North Idaho.