North Idaho College, in partnership with Idaho Department of Labor, is offering FREE Soft Skills Training to serve youth, the unemployed, and incumbent workers. The curriculum, the Workplace Excellence Series, consists of ten, flexible modules designed to help people understand and deliver what employers demand today. Each module teaches the employer’s perspective, practical skills, and the “bottom line” on a key topic so participants can increase their company and career success. The modules can be used as stand-alone topics or a series.


  • Adaptability: Navigating success in the changing workplace
  • Respectability: Thriving in the multi-generational workplace
  • Communicationability: Verbal and non-verbal communication in the workplace
  • Suitability: Fitting into the culture of the workplace
  • Dependability: Maximizing your time in the workplace
  • Transitionability: Making a smooth job transition
  • Presentability: Displaying the image of your workplace
  • Workability: Realities & expectations in today’s workplace
  • Reasonability: Managing your mindset in the workplace
  • Writeability: Written communication in the workplace

In addition to The Workplace Excellence Series, NIC’s Career Services center offers career advising, education, job search tools, and employment assistance to both students and the community.

INFO: NIC.EDU/Career – (208) 769-7700