Bandaids for What?

My 4 yr old hurts herself several times a day. She tumbles to the ground, walks into a table, or drops something on her toe just to name a few. Maybe her brother hit her or pulled her hair?

Recently on a walk she tripped and fell. She was bleeding a little and I was carrying her in my arms. She refused to let me put her down! Somehow this painful elbow was also causing her legs to not function well.

When we caught back up with the rest of the group one of the other moms had a first aid kit. Not me. I’m a the first aid kit carrying kind of mom. I wish I was but I’m not. Within the small box was the most amazing healing tool ever for my little girl, bandaids. HALLELUJAH! The application of these two superhero bandaids was all it took. Ellie was healed! The bandaid did it. Instantly! Moments later she was running and playing again with the other kids.

Of course the bandaid can’t actually work that quickly, especially without ointment (or oatmeal as Ellie likes to call it). Yet still, her belief in the healing powers of the bandaid is real. Real enough to in moments go from a pained, whimpering mess in my arms to completely healed and back to her funny, rambunctious self. This time there was actually blood. Often times that’s not the case but a bandaid is always the answer.

Watching this brought some questions to mind. What am I using as a bandaid in my life? What is my go-to solution for the day to day challenges? After some pretty serious thought I realize that mine is likely coffee. Undoubtedly other things too. But, coffee for sure. Tired? Coffee. Irritable? Coffee. Stressed, unfocused, sad and a plethora of other things? Coffee! But, the truth is I’m tired because I stayed up too late watching Netflix. I’m irritable because I didn’t spend enough time planning my day and so now I’m chasing my tail and not getting nearly as much done as I need to. I’m stressed because I’ve allowed my calendar to control my life and I’m feeling overscheduled. But, if I can just get that coffee in my hand it’ll help me breathe a little. It will help me be calm.

My Band-Aid might also be, blame. All of those above scenarios but somehow it is all someone else’s fault. The fault of my husband for not helping in the “right” way. The fault of my children for simply acting too much like…children. The fault of my client for expecting too much from me. The fault of the school for cramping my long weekend plans.

An even more challenging question follows that one. What things do I believe in so deeply that may not even be true? I don’t have any example of this and if I’m being transparent here, I’m still working this out for myself. But, I have been pondering because if I’m so deeply entrenched in a truth that I can’t see how it could possibly be an untruth I’m blind to it. I like to question. I want to know the truth. The idea that the truths I cling to I’m my life could even minutely be untrue is quite frankly, frightening.

Have you used a bandaid in your life? Do you cling to a Truth that may not actually be true but you’re so invested in it you can’t see that?

Guest Editorial by Rose Backs: Dalton Gardens resident, wife of Matt, mom to 3 kiddos, Olivia, Ellie (pictured), and Dalton, and Auctioneer Supreme with Elite Auction. Read more of her real-life mom wisdom at

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