School from home using one of the top schools in Idaho!

Idaho Distance Education Academy (I-DEA) is a free, accredited K-12 public charter school specifically designed to serve Idaho Families who want a powerful, flexible at home program.

A local resource center is located in Post Falls, and is staffed with elementary and secondary teachers, a guidance counselor and principal. Students in middle school may begin taking high school courses for credit towards graduation and high school students may begin taking college courses. On average, 80% of I-DEA students graduate with at least some college credit and 20% earn their Associate’s Degree upon high school graduation. Additionally, I-DEA has powerful, consistent academic results with students scoring in the top 10% statewide on the SAT college entrance exam.

I-DEA students have a variety of opportunities to engage in social and academic events with other groups of students and families. Local monthly field trips are scheduled with other I-DEA families including trips to museums, local businesses and much more. High school can engage with other students and mentors as they navigate post high school options with their guidance counselor.
I-DEA is now enrolling students in all grade levels, K-12.


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