Preparing for Hospice Care: When is the right time to call Hospice?

Families often say that they wished they would have started Hospice’s care earlier. Hospice care typically provides direct care to patients wherever they reside, including:

  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Billing Management
  • Support for caregivers with continual education
  • Clinical care
  • Connections with social resources
  • Volunteer services
  • Compassionate emotional support

Hospice of North Idaho’s comprehensive care can begin early in the stages of a life-limiting diagnosis, with Palliative Care, even while treatments are on-going. Traditional hospice care can begin as early as a 6-month prognosis and when treatments are no longer chosen. Both programs help each person embrace their vision for a quality life. Many caregivers feel relief by the assistance they and their loved one receive. Expert care is provided to all patients regardless of their financial circumstances.

Families are encouraged to research hospice options early to create plans, avoid obstacles, ask questions, and become familiar with the options that are available to them.


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